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"One of the most genuine individuals I've come across. Lockdown had been imposed and pandemic fear of doctor visitation, Dr.Modi not only guided through the journey for me and my wife who was expecting, he provided all support in understanding the details, helping in getting tests done without having to go to any pathology but he coordinated himself for samples etc , or medicines never during the session did he unwarrantedly mention any till required, that too he would always recommend the salt rather than any specific brand. He wa friendly and patient in Answering any doubt or questions we asked. Was always available on request. Best wishes to him."


"We have been tried for second child from six years. We met 3 to 4 doctors and gynach. Do serverl test .but no result. Some doctors had said that my can't not concive . But when we meet Dr. Vijal Modi. He saw all previous test reports and examine my wife. And give us assurance that we can have second child. And stared my wife's treatment. With in a two month my wife got concive and got pregnant. Whenever we go for check up every time he will treat like friendliness and give some proper advise. His positive approach and suggestions gives us positivity. And after 9 moths we had a baby boy . Thank you to Dr. Vijal Modi."

Sameer Lahane

"I had complicated pregnancy after having medical abortion & epilepsy history (on AEDs). He meticulously gone through my previous medical reports and guided us further unlike the first gyneac. Dr. Vijal is very friendly, answer all your doubts and give adequate time to each patient. I had natural delivery after having so many complications. Definitely recommending to all my relative, friends, & colleagues!"

Kalpita Kadam

"If I Talk About Best Gynaecologist at Mumbai the Only One Name i would Suggest Dr. Vijal Modi. ** ***** **** ** **** ************** Soft Spoken, Experienced And Friendly too. My First Delivery was very complicated i suffered due to Dengue but all Smoothly happened Due To Dr. Vijal Sir. ** ** *** **** ************* ** **********"

Kaminee Kavesh

"I was suffering from frequent severe UTIs and mid-cyclical pain from last 2 years. All the reports and USGs were normal and couldn't find the cause of the same. Later I consulted Dr. Vijal Modi. In the very first consultation, he was able to diagnose the condition and put me on 14 days course of medication. Even on the second day of the course, my condition was 75% relieved and the symptoms were completely gone after 4-5 days. Earlier I had to take 3-4 doses of antispasmodic during my periods but the next period after the treatment didn't require any of that. Dr. Vijal was of an excellent support; he listened to me with a great patience and explained everything in details. Even on telephonic follow-ups, he was very friendly and answered all my queries calmly."

Meena Thakur

"doctor like a family never expect this thank u sir hope t treat all patients like this thank you"


"Hi I consulted Dr. Vijal Modi as a gynaecology. ** ** *** ** *** **** ******* ** ******** ***I would recomment people ** ** ** ** *** ** *** **** ******* He has his own hospital. His staff is very good and helpful."

Neela Modi

"One of the genuine doctors. Examination process to find root cause of my issue was only done only by them. I have been to multiple gynaecologist but no one did any basic examination. He suggested me myomectomy surgery where other doctors suggested me laproscopy just for personal gain.A big thanks to the Doctor.Would highly recommend !"

Pratiksha Jadhav

"Dr. Modi is an excellent on his observation & sections of medicine number of times my family both my wife & daughter undergone his treatment. I personally feel very relaxed whenever any problem happens to my family after consulting Dr. Modi So I strongly recommend his advice always."

Sonu Kahar

"Doctor Modi's working was excellent & supportive Nature ..I recommend others also Balajee Hospital All staff and Nurses Very good Behavior"

Sadiya Khan


Priya Tanmar

"enclave has done a good job I like there services how they treat their patients and also Dr Vijal Modi as well, they are high qualified. Thanks for excellent service."

Divya Karkera

"Consulted the clinic for IUD insertion. Doc was patient enough to listen, clarify my doubts and concerns, also suggested the best for me. very satisfied with the consultation."

Poonam Shah

Thank you so much for the difference you make in my life with your positive behavior. Dr Vijal Modi is one of the finest and very much experience doctor that i have ever met in my life. I was diagnosed with ovarian cyst and many more and i had to go through a laparoscopy surgery which made me very nervous but Dr Vijal Modi has taken all the procedure so nicely and smoothly. He explained everything about the surgery that really feel good and i felt confident. Now days doctor are so busy they hardly explained you about your illness but Dr Vijal Modi took his time to explain each and everything without any hesitation there is where we started trusting him more and more.

Kavita Singh

Superb experience. No unnecessary tests, no unnecessary expenses. Me n my wife consulted Dr Vijal Modi in Balaji Hospital, Malad (E) about our child’s delivery. We started consulting him right from the beginning of our journey of pregnancy. He always treated us well. He gave proper guidance. He never suggested unnecessary tests neither did he scare us with unwanted opinions.

Jhonny Mj

Excellent doctor. I have baby bcoz of his treatment as others dr said that i can't conceive again but due to his treatment it's possible again . Thank u Vijal modi dr

Kasturi Lahane

Me and my family has best experienced of Best gynecology Dr. VIJAL MODI at the time of my wife delivery, he is very jolly and caring Dr.

Shailesh Dubey

Dr. Vijal is very patient friendly and humble too . He's also one of the good obstetrician with good surgical skills .

Harshada Koli

I have past history of epilepsy and taking medication for the same. Previously had an abortion due to wrong treatment from other Dr. Post that our friend suggested to meet Dr. Vijal Modi. He is just fabulous doctor, skilled and experienced. Every question was answered by him. He was always available on calls in an emergency. Usually for seizure patients C sec is recommended in medical fraternity but mine is normal delivery. All thanks to Dr Vijal. Definitely recommend my friends and family to visit him.

Kalpita Manjrekar

Dr.Vijal Modi is so friendly & polite in answering & addressing our questions & concerns that any patient finds herself in a relaxed state of mind as was the Experience of my wife.Undoubtedly Dr.Modi is expert in his own profession coupled with his very friendly & transparent nature.Very attentive & always available for support.I would definitely suggest his name in any Gynaecological problems.I owe a debt of gratitude to Dr.Vijal Modi.My Best Wishes to Dr.Vijal Modi in his professional journey.

Shrikant Prabhudesai

Great experience. Doctor was superb He exactly noticed my wife’s problem and provided my wife the best medicines and the treatment that she deserved And overall had a great experience with him and would love to visit him in the future if requiret

Nilesh Dodhia

Nice doctor consulted my with my issues in a very nice and professional manner Would love to visit to him in future if needed

Falguni Dodhia